Hande Erçel’s latest appearance causes widespread controversy…her thinness is satisfactory!

2023-12-13 07:07:52

Turkish actress Handa Erçel sparkled and caught the attention, as she appeared wearing a long, tight leopard-print dress with long sleeves, and she adopted a distinctive hairstyle in which she tied her hair back in the form of a bun, and applied soft makeup that suits her facial features.

However, what caught the public’s attention was Handa’s thinness, and followers wondered in the comments whether her thinness was satisfactory or not.
Handa Archil celebrated her 30th birthday, and the team of her series “Someone Else” gathered to celebrate the occasion and extend their best wishes to her on this special day.
Handa appeared in a short white outfit and carrying a stick, which won the admiration of a large number of followers, while some considered the outfit to be too short.
Her fellow star, Burak Deniz, sent her a congratulatory message, saying: “You have grown up!! This girl has turned 30 years old today! I wish we could celebrate your birthday together.. You have become a big girl.. I love you and happy birthday.”

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