Hypo Elysium: Art project in the Innsbruck country house garage

The first phase of the renovation of the Innsbruck country house garage has been completed. Before the second begins, a work of art from “ASIT 9” should delight visitors.

Die Innsbruck country house garage is one of the most frequented garages in Innsbruck. It is currently being extensively renovated in two construction phases. The first section has already been completed and has brought visible improvements in the quality of the park – especially with regard to lighting and clarity. Before the second phase starts in 2023, this should now happen Project “Hypo Elysium” to all visitors Art experience from the car enable.

150 square meters of art space

“With the aim of offering visitors from all parts of the country and beyond a welcome change from the dreariness of the underground construction site during the renovation phase, the Hypo Tirol Bank decorate two surfaces with bright colors”, says Vivien Schibblock from the Marketing Team. The project was inspired by the designer and “pop artist” Dominik Schubertalso known as “ASIT 9” (areuasit.com).

Born in Innsbruck, he lives and works in Vienna. He recently won the competition for the poster for the 83rd Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel in 2023 and has also designed for the internationally renowned watch brand Swatch. His style is characterized by the striking lines, the brightly colored color compositions and the “exaggerated” details. Both art areas are located in the entrance area of ​​the country house garage and extend over 150 square meters.

The artwork

Die Tribute to the country of Tyrol takes you into an alpine world of fables, in which on the one hand you meet important historical figures such as Emperor Max, Andreas Hofer and Maria Theresia and on the other hand you cannot ignore the typical architectural and cultural details of the country. The traditionally shaped motifs combine pop art and abstraction: from the Golden Roof to the colorful chain of houses on the banks of the Inn in Mariahilf, the Nordkette and the Hungerburgbahn to Amras Castle and the giant at the entrance to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

The project was under the Theme “Hypo Elysium” implemented. “Hypo” stands for the ancient Greek prefix “hypo” in the sense of “under” and thus represents a connection to the underground garage. “Elysium” describes the paradise world – a place of mythical, epic joy – a stimulus for imagination and creativity; a place of happiness.

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More information about Dominik Schubert this is “ASIT

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