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Beijing time:2023-01-07 07:36

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 07, 2023]A few days ago, the Korean movie “The Point Men” was being promoted.Hyun BinHyun Bin), when he was asked “Is there a good thing” in an interview, he took the initiative to mention his son who had just been born, and generously said that the child’s appearance currently looks like that of him and his actor wifeZhang Yizhen(Son Ye Jin) remixed version. (Click to watch the video

Zhang YizhenShun Sheng gave birth to a son on November 27 last year, and he was still filming beforeHyun BinThe first time they rushed to the hospital to accompany the delivery, the couple named the child “Sweet Bean”. The son is already full moon now, and Son Yejin has also returned home from the confinement club. In order to accompany his wife and children, Hyun Bin decided to postpone going overseas to film.

On the 5th, Hyun Bin accepted an interview with the Korean entertainment program “Live in Play” together with the main creators such as Huang Junmin and Jiang Qiyong to promote the new film “Fire Wire Negotiation”. When the host congratulated him on “is there a good thing”, Xuan Bin said that the good thing is that he has a baby. He answered the question that the outside world is more concerned about, that is, whether his son’s appearance follows him or Son Yejin. Hyun Bin thought for a while and said: “I don’t know yet, it seems to be a mixed version.”

Hyun Bin said frankly, “I heard from people around me that a child’s appearance will change a lot. I also really want to know what my son will look like in the end.”

As soon as this remark came out, netizens were curious about how handsome the “mixed version” of the two would be. The Korean media immediately synthesized the couple’s childhood photos: Son Yejin has big watery eyes and a small cherry mouth; Hyun Bin has delicate facial features and piercing eyes. The two seem to have a husband and wife face since they were young, which makes the outside world even more curious about the appearance of “Sweet Bean”.

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