Court of Accounts: the ruling party once again defended the project that modifies the control body

2023-11-14 15:10:14

The ruling party once once more defended the project that modifies the operation of the provincial Court of Accountsan initiative that might be sanctioned in tomorrow’s Wednesday session at the Unicameral.

Court of Accounts: the ruling party accelerates times to approve the project that modifies the control body


Legislator Leonardo Limia (We do for Córdoba) considered “It is important that people know that this is a bill that is intended to modernize the current law of the Court of Accounts, which is a law from 1987.”.

He also said that he heard leaders of the opposition blocs, especially from Juntos UCR who have spoken a lot in the press but did not participate in commissions so that they can contribute to the bill”.

Limia explained that “The law was outdated due to all the advances in technology, procedures, and digitalization.”.

And then he added in statements to University Radio what “eThe Court of Accounts when controlling the three powers of the Eherd”it has to be “in tune” with the three powers that They have advanced in their procedures”.

“It is an institutional blow”: opposition to the project to update the provincial Court of Accounts


The Court of Accounts is one of the few that has preventive and subsequent control of the expenses of the Estate. What is being done here is maintaining expense controls, there are no expenses that are out of control, there is no question of not controlling expenses.”Limia argued.

There are some expenses that come through preventive control and others that come through subsequent control, but all state expenses go through the Court of Accounts.”he emphasized.

When asked regarding the decision to reform the law days before that control body has a majority of opposition members, Limia responded: “On the one hand it is a legitimate law because it is made with a composition of the Legislature that was voted by the people of Córdoba. On the other hand, I repeat, we believe that the moment is now due to a need in the renewal process of the entire Court of Accounts.”.

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“We are not talking regarding any rush, we are talking regarding a project that was worked on in committee, that has been studied, that has been presented and the idea is to be able to deal with it at this time”Limia insisted.


Opposition leaders considered days ago that the project is “an institutional coup” by the ruling party by attempting to “eliminate control of public spending.”.

“In article 19 of the project they expressly say that we will not be able to control the contracts made by the provincial government with municipal, provincial, and national state agencies. TWe will not be able to control monotaxes, direct hiring, the purchase of fuel, or the purchase of air tickets abroad.”, there was expressed by the elected tribune of accounts, Fernanda Leiva.

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