“I advise everyone to think twice”

“A wise man and woman are worth two. I advise everyone to think twice. Our security and justice services are ready to intervene ”, declared Mr. Van Quickenborne to the Chamber in response to questions from Philippe Pivin (MR), Bert Moyaers (sp.a), Steven Matheï (CD&V) and Kristien Van Vaerenbergh (N-VA).

The security services are scrutinizing social networks. They do not yet know whether the calls to stir up trouble will be acted upon. The Minister however welcomed the firm and rapid reactions which, for example, made it possible to arrest a young man in Turnhout (province of Antwerp).

“Those who abuse the situation to create trouble will be prosecuted and will be presented with the bill,” he added.

The sp.a called for a ban on all demonstrations. “It would be a very important signal,” said Moyaers. The Minister of the Interior does not intend to go that far. “It is not for me to ban all demonstrations at the local level,” she noted. On Wednesday, however, she reminded the mayors of the conditions that the demonstrations had to meet: static, a maximum of 100 people and in compliance with health protection measures. It also offered the support of the federal police to the municipalities.

“Our police services are ready and available 24 hours a day,” she said in turn.

On Friday, the City of Brussels banned a demonstration against police violence scheduled for Sunday. However, a rally took place which degenerated at the time of the dispersal. “We cannot take the risk of new disorders”, warned Philippe Pivin (MR) who warned against the marks of interest detected.


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