I am the only one who exposed him.. The star of the series Hajj Metwally reveals shocking positions about the late Nour Al Sharif that no one knows!

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The artist, Nourhan, spoke during her interview on the “Red Line” program earlier, that what distinguishes her most in her work among the children of her generation and makes her master it is her devotion to her work, in addition to another matter, which is acceptance, which is a divine grant, which she has no credit for.

The artist, Nourhan, revealed the details of her role in the famous Egyptian series, The Family of Hajj Metwally, starring the late great artist Nour Sharif, who won many admirations.

She said, “I am the only one who discovered his truth, and I refused to marry him and did not coordinate behind his shining appearances and his great wealth. I also refused to marry Saeed, who was played by the artist Mustafa Shaaban, because he was reckless and could not face his father, Noura Sharif, “Hajj Metwally”.

And the artist, Nourhan, added stardom is a fitna, because the whole world applauds the artist and admires his words, the large amount of money, the spread of his words and the imitation of his fans, stardom is a lie that no one believes.

And the artist, Nourhan concluded, I accept criticism related to my artwork, but he is a dictator in my personal decisions and my appearance, because no one can evaluate them but me.”

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