“I began to be afraid to look at myself”: Liza Arzamasova spoke about life with Averbukh

In August last year, a son was born in the family of an eminent artist and a famous figure skater. Since then, the couple seems to have become even closer. But what actually happens behind the closed doors of Arzamasova and Averbukh’s house?

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The first meeting of the future spouses took place even when the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” was not even 18. Over the past couple of years, Lisa has been asked more than once if she had feelings for Ilya Izyaslavich in those distant times. But Arzamasova, in principle, does not like to talk about the beginning of an affair with Averbukh, so fans of the couple can only guess.

But about the current family life, the actress and star of the current season of “Ice Age” speaks willingly. Having become a mother, Lisa miraculously learned to combine housekeeping, caring for her husband and son, doing charity work, filming and playing in the theater. However, one should not be surprised, because Arzamasova has been spinning in show business since the age of four and has no problems with time management.

After all, once Lisa had to combine several activities at once in the same way. She not only played in the popular TV series “Daddy’s Daughters”, but also built a theatrical career while studying at school. And not a hint of star disease, which celebrities often suffer from. Lisa from childhood went to the goal of becoming an artist and knew for sure that she needed to work hard on this path. She was not afraid of work and even managed to have fun on the set.

“I really wanted to act in films, and then look at myself on the screen – it seemed absolutely magical to me. It was then that time passed and I began to be afraid to look at myself, I learned what acting reflection is, constant dissatisfaction with myself, the material. And in childhood, everything is fun! Arzamasova said.

Before the birth of the child, Lisa had a serious conversation with her husband. The actress understood that after the birth of her son, she would not want to reduce working hours – she went on stage to the last during pregnancy. And Averbukh entered the position of a young wife, agreeing in advance with any of her decisions. So just a few weeks after the birth of the child, Lisa was back in the ranks and now she tries to break out of the house as often as possible to work. She still does not stop praising her husband for his understanding, love and readiness to always come to the rescue.

“Ilya amazes with talent – both in his business, profession, and in solving the simplest life issues. Talent in relationships, in the ability to create an atmosphere of a happy home. He is also a kind and sensitive person. Now people often run away from experiences, from feelings, and Ilya passes everything through himself. And I am amazed at what a wonderful husband and father he is, ”concluded the actress.

Source: “7 Days”

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