“I carry it in my heart”


Jose Mourinho was news this Thursday after qualifying for the Roma at the end of the UEFA Conference League.

The Italians beat Leicester City and now they will try to end a drought of 14 years without titles, 31 without European cups.

To Roma a goal from Tammy Abraham in the 11th minute was enough to guarantee his presence in the final in Albania, where his rival will be the Dutch Feyenoord.

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Jose Mourinho spoke to the media about the achievement achieved as DT of the Roma.

“I think our performance was extraordinary, others may see it differently, but when your goalkeeper makes just two saves in 120 minutes against a Premier League team with such offensive quality, it means we did something right,” the coach said. BT Sports microphone.

“The boys deserve it, we have three Serie A games left to finish as well as possible. We completed a fantastic run to get to the final, we dropped points in Serie A to get there, but now we are in the final and we want to win”, he continued.


Besides, Jose Mourinho he remembered the Real Madridwho yesterday eliminated Manchester City in the semifinals of the Champions League and revealed that it is a very special team for him.

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“The Madrid It is a club that I carry in my heart, I am white, white, white, it is the biggest club in the world and it has a coach who is a friend of mine. Great Real and great Carletto! ”, He expressed.

Also, he hopes that the Real Madrid win the Champions League final against Liverpool. “Let’s see if we win the final”, he stood out as one more fan.

Jose Mourinho aspires to add this new European title to his record, after having already lifted the Champions League (2004, 2010) and the Europa League (2003, 2017) in the past.

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