“I didn’t pay for my drink, so I took my girlfriend in a taxi”… Sung Si-kyung, the story of breaking up with a friend for 7 years: Nate Entertainment

2023-12-23 08:03:00

/Photo = YouTube channel ‘Moon Cheon-sik who lives by helping’

Singer Seong Si-kyung (44) revealed the reason why he broke off relations with his former friend for seven years.

Seong Si-kyung gave counseling on his concerns in a video released on the YouTube channel ‘Helping Moon Cheon-sik’ on the 22nd.

One storyteller said, “There is someone I want to punish. There are a lot of women at work, but last year, a male employee who called himself a ‘handsome guy’ came in,” and “My sisters were so pretty that they bought me a lot of food. It must have become a habit, but I am used to getting things. “I lost,” he said.

He went on to say, “I like coffee, but when I get it, I drink it with fruit (which is more expensive),” and added, “It has become a huge source of stress in my work life.”

When Seong Si-kyung heard that the man was as handsome as an idol member, he jokingly said, “Okay, I’ll buy it for you,” making everyone laugh.

/Photo = YouTube channel ‘Moon Cheon-sik who lives by helping’

Seong Si-kyung said to the storyteller, “When I give something, I should be satisfied with the act of giving without thinking about the price in return,” and “It should end with the fact that I am happy to give something to someone, regardless of the other person’s satisfaction or disappointment. If I focus on my own happiness, I will probably “I will hate you less,” he advised.

He added, “I bought it for a young, cute friend because she was pretty, but I’m upset because she’s spoiled me. I bought it for her because she’s pretty, but now I think it’s okay to stop buying it if it’s not pretty. I just have to stop buying it now.”

Seong Si-kyung confided, “Isn’t the income of ordinary office workers different from that of celebrities? I’m trying to sympathize, but I’ve never actually made my junior pay money, so I’m just imagining it.”

He said, “There are always ugly people. In the past, my friends paid 10,000 won each to go to a street food stall, and one of them said he didn’t have any money. Later, I saw him sending his girlfriend by taxi and I haven’t seen him in 7 years. How can I meet someone like this? “Are you going to meet me?” he recalled his own experience.

He said, “The idea is to never take away what is yours and ‘keep eating what is yours,’ but in that case, there are many ways to take revenge.” He added, “You have to let go of your position as a senior. Consider that junior as a colleague or friend. They are spending too much of my money, so stop buying them. “The only way is to think about what you want,” he advised.

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