“I don’t know what kind of girl this is”: Proskuryakova’s disgusting treatment of Nikolaev’s daughter got into the frame

Ruslana Alekseeva

50 minutes ago

Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova. Photo: Boris Kudryavov

Yulia Proskuryakova was not like herself. She disowned her child in every possible way.

The wife of Igor Nikolaev, singer and actress Yuri Proskuryakova recorded a video that quickly became resonant. The 40-year-old vocalist used a special filter to prank fans. In the published footage, Proskuryakova appears with a pointed nose and lips halfway across her face.

The artist, having changed her voice and manner of speech, declares that she went for a physiognomy massage, so her lips turned into “something incredible.” Now says Proskuryakova, men go crazy over her.

At the same time, Yulia’s eight-year-old daughter, Veronika, is constantly trying to break into the frame. But Nikolaev’s wife treats her disgustingly and rudely shoves her away from the lens with the words: “Wait, youngster.” Then the artist declares that, in fact, she is only 20 years old and she does not know whose child is nearby. “It’s not my. I don’t know who this is, what kind of girl, ”Julia does not get out of the image.

Veronica, we note, was not offended at all by her mother. On the contrary, the experiments of the parent even amused the baby.

Proskuryakova, we note, ridiculed the girls who are too fond of plastic surgery and injections of “beauty”. The audience was delighted with the idea of ​​​​Nikolaev’s wife. Julia, say netizens, managed to achieve a comic effect in his unexpected reincarnation.

Let’s add, earlier Julia Proskuryakova shocked Igor Nikolaev with a surprise. The performer of the hit “Raspberry Wine” was so surprised and touched that he shed a tear right on the set.

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