“I don’t want you to go away”: The Baltazar Law issued its saddest chapter with the death of Hernán | TV and show

One of the most beloved couples of “La Ley Baltazar” ended tonight, when Hernán finally passed away in Mariano’s arms.

This Wednesday night one of the saddest chapters of La Ley Baltazar was broadcast, which culminated in the death of Hernán, one of the most beloved characters in the soap opera. The scene portrayed the tragic moment when Mariano, her love interest, asks her not to leave.

The couple It was one of the most popular of the Mega drama, since it generated some empathy with a large part of the public. Especially after the heartbreaking scene in which Mariano revealed to his father that he was homosexual.

Later, the plot showed how Mariano (Gabriel Cañas) and Hernán (Gabriel Urzúa) began a secret relationship that finally became an open secret.

It was in this context that Hernán, in his last moments of life, asked Mariano to start a formal relationship, a conversation that ended in an argument and later, a tragic accident..

The Balthazar Law Tonight he showed how in front of a dying Hernán, Gabriel Cañas interpreted some last words for who, in fiction, was his great love. “Stay here with me, I don’t want you to leave, I don’t want this to end, please stay here with me,” said the character..

The scene immediately generated a wave of reactions, where Twitter fans of the soap opera came out to demand explanations about why the production had decided to end such a beloved character.

And it is that Hernán and Mariano touched the public, generating empathy for the feelings they hid about their sexuality and also opening another space for the LGTBIQ+ community on open TV.

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