“I find it embarrassing” Valkyria is upset with her teammates who gave up on the test | Coexistence

In the test of Sentencing and Servicesthe team Alpha was the protagonist because two of its competitors, Beto and Tarzan did not want to go out and compete after Porto and Greece completed the first part of the test.

Arriving home, the Valkyrie captain expressed her annoyance, because although the women did well, she thought it was “a shame” not to have competed. Later in a talk, Tarzan takes the blame and says that Beto was just frustrated.

The time has come for The Box Challenge to give viewers the most anticipated date! This time, it will be a more special meeting not only because the city of boxes was renewed, grew, and became more demanding, but also because the Challenge is turning 18 years old.

The reality of Colombia has come of age and there are few programs in the world that achieve this feat. Tobia, Cundinamarca, will be the amazing place that receives these athletes from different specialties.

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