I had a hat-trick in my head, but more important for me is the team’s success, claimed the Olomouc shooter Navrátil

2023-09-22 21:30:10
The match had one crazy turn after another. You had to turn twice. What to say about it?

It was up, down with a good ending for us. I think that we messed things up unnecessarily by making interventions, for which we were punished by expulsions, which the opponent punished. We also offered them a five-on-three power play. Fortunately, they also committed stupid fouls and we used the key power play. We are very happy for the three points.

Does it seem that Olomouc has found a shooter after the departure of Jan Káni to Vítkovice?

I’m glad I got there and I hope it continues like this.

Do you remember the last time you scored twice in one game?

In the season before last in Brno against Komet. We won there 2:3.

The goals you scored against Energia were very similar…

In the first case, we went two on one. Lukáš Klimek fired and I reached it. On the second one, I received a pass and it seemed that before I could process it, prepare, the goalkeeper would be there. I thought I would record but he wasn’t there so I shot and it fell there.

Didn’t you think about a hat trick?

Somewhere in the back of my head I had it. But more important for me was the win and the team’s success.

One of the turnovers was also demonstrated by the Energie players, when they used two power plays. You also contributed to it. You fouled when Orsava was sent off, your team then went to within three and five seconds before the expiration of the first penalty conceded to make it 1:1. Did you blame yourself a lot?

Yes. I went stupidly into the fight, it was a useless, senseless foul and they equalized.

Did you believe that even from 2:3 you can turn it around one more time?

Yeah, yeah. It knocked us down for a while, but I think that right after the second or third substitution we equalized at 3:3 and that kicked us up again. We went for the win.

Have you ever experienced a match with so many twists and turns?

Not directly on the ice. Maybe on TV when I was watching the NHL.

How important is it to the team that you have now scored four times after that shooting misery? Does it take away the nervousness?

I hope so. The fact that we finally used the power play should also help us. I believe that other boys will join and we will score more and more goals.

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