Sales of the Apple Watch SE with new bracelets are released in Brazil

2023-09-22 18:34:47

Even though Maçã has not launched a new version of Apple Watch SE (currently in its second generation) along with the announcement of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 models, Maçã’s most affordable watch also gained the new bracelets that were announced with the other versions. The main highlight of the accessories, in addition to new colors, is the fact that they have a lower environmental impact.

From todaythis model can now be purchased in Brazil with the new bracelets, in the colors midnightwaker e silver. As we showed previously, the price of the model received a cut of R$100now costing from R$3.300 (R$2,969.10 with a 10% cash discount), in the case of the 41mm GPS model.

The watch can be purchased with sports bracelets or sports loop in the colors midnight, winter blue e stellar. They also can be purchased separately by R$500.

In the case of sportsthere are options in mulberry red, storm blue, clay, light pink e (PRODUCT)RED. Me and sports loop is available in colors summer orange, cypress green e light pink.

When combined with the sports loop bracelets, the watch — like the accessory — is carbon neutral. The weave of the bracelet is made with 82% of recycled yarns, including material from discarded fishing nets, as well as 45% recycled material in general. The transport of 50% of carbon-neutral Apple Watches, meanwhile, is made without planes.

Since 2015, Apple has reduced its carbon emissions by 45%. A large part of the presentation of the new Watches this year was dedicated to detailing these sustainability efforts. The new SE model bracelets are one example of the changes made by the company in the name of reducing the impact of its activities on the environment.

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It is worth noting that both the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2 have already been approved by Anatel and should be available soon in Brazil — there is still no set date for the start of sales, however.

Apple Watch SE
of Apple
Cash price: from R$3,059.10
Price in installments: from R$3,399.00 in up to 12 installments
Cores: midnight, stellar or silver
Sizes: 40mm ou 44mm
Connectivity: GPS or GPS + Cell phone

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