Unsolved Murder of Xavier Baligant: Updates on the Ongoing Investigation

2023-09-22 15:24:00

That night, the lifeless body of Xavier Baligant, 29, was discovered around 2 a.m. in France at the Malvaux area located on the A31 southwest of Nancy. Returning from vacation with his two young boys, Xavier Baligant stopped at the Malvaux area about fifteen kilometers from the Gye toll gate (Meurthe-et-Moselle) before his body was riddled with large bullets. caliber is discovered by a highway patrolman. Meanwhile, his sons were sleeping in the vehicle parked nearby.

Since this date, this case is still under investigation and no suspect has been identified. Xavier Baligant is described by those around him as being a seemingly uneventful man, divorced from the mother of the two children and with whom he had, it seems, reconnected just before his death. Employed in a pharmaceutical laboratory and son of a police officer, who died in 2016, Xavier Baligant had never been involved in a legal case.

Xavier Baligant: time passes, the memory remains

A mobilization that lasts over time

The meticulous investigation carried out hand in hand by Belgian and French investigators made it possible to collect numerous testimonies from motorists present at this rest area at the time of the murder. “However, it cannot be ruled out that foreign heavy goods vehicle drivers may have left the scene before the arrival of the gendarmes. Thus, a lot of painstaking work is continuing at the international level in order to verify this point and hear again the people who were in the area”, specify the judicial authorities. New elements are being exploited thanks to recent protests by new people.

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In France, Nancy’s research section and more precisely its special cell called “HOM A31” is in charge of the investigation. This unit is made up of multidisciplinary “technical” and “human” skills specialized in the handling of complex criminal cases. Given the time that has passed since the death of Xavier Baligant, the evolution of new technologies and the progress made in the collection and analysis of DNA also make it possible to consider new avenues.

More than twelve years after the murder of Xavier Baligant, magistrates and investigators are continuing their investigations on both sides of the border in order to lift the veil on this affair, far from the idea of ​​closing this case. Since the start of the year, several meetings have taken place in order to redefine the judicial strategy to be implemented. The federal judicial police in Charleroi, who are leading the investigation here, remain available to receive new information.

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