Belgian Victory Against Netherlands: Captain Tessa Wullaert Reveals Winning Strategy

2023-09-22 21:42:00

The victory of the Belgians against the Netherlands will be a landmark! But it is no surprise if we hear Captain Tessa Wullaert.

“We had a plan and it worked,” smiles the captain. At the start of the week, we could think that it was going to be easy for the Netherlands but we were good as a unit, we were present in the duels, there was aggression. We had a plan and we hurt them on corners.”

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This reaction, after the 5-0 in the Netherlands, pleased a not very full Louvain stadium. “But you can’t compare these two matches,” the Sittard player responds straight away. We were aggressive and we did badly on the few chances we had. We weren’t lucky, we were looking for these goals. We were dangerous because the plan was well executed.”

Even if it was only the Flames’ first match in this Nations League, the victory and the overall performance demonstrate that the Belgians have moved forward in their plan of action. And this plan, as the Belgian boss said, worked against one of the big names in world football.

“We contained the attackers well and prevented them from finding solutions. We worked well as a team at the end of the match when they were pushing. But even on long balls, they were not dangerous because we were solid in the duels.”

Accustomed to deflowering the brand, this time she had a more thankless role on the flank to help Deloose. By going to snatch the balls, she was above all the basis of good restarts. “We had to recover and try to quickly move forward,” she remembers. But I hope that won’t always be the case (laughs). Although I will continue to apply it if it allows us to win this type of match.”

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