“I had to monopolize the family.” A bold statement from the artist Phaedra about her marriage to two brothers

In a bold statement, the artist, Phaedra, revealed the secret of her marriage to the two brothers, Sameh and Hadi Al-Bagoury, saying: “I almost had to make a monopoly for this family.”

She explained, during her meeting with an Egyptian satellite channel, that she first married director Sameh Al-Bagoury when she was 18 years old, and after their first separation, she traveled to study in America, then they married again when she was 25 years old for only two years, then they separated and then she married his brother Hadi.

I married him for the love of my mother-in-law

The Jordanian artist indicated that her marriage to Hadi Al-Bajouri did not last long, pointing out that she married him for the love of her mother-in-law, because she was distinguished in everything, and she was educated and her dialogue did not tire of him.

Phaedra talked about the details of her relationship with her late husband, director Sameh El-Bagoury, saying: “Sameh El-Bagoury and I loved each other and married each other.”

And she continued: “He was a great artist and his work was very great,” noting: “He is the one who entered me into the world of art after I studied medicine, and I used to read any work he wrote,” pointing out: “I decided to go to art because of my husband, and he loved me in art. .

Old rent

It is noteworthy that Phaedra is currently showing her the series “Old Rent”, in which she embodies the character “Camellia”, an aristocratic woman who falls in love with Sherif Mounir, who lives in a residential building around which the story of the series revolves.

The events of the series “Old Rent” revolve around the idea of ​​the old rental law, through the main character “Ramzi”, played by Sherif Mounir, as he lives in an old rental apartment, and at the same time he owns a building in Heliopolis, which was fully leased long ago under the old rental system. Suddenly, the owner of the building in which Ramzy lives is able to obtain a permit to demolish it due to its deteriorating condition, and thus expel all its residents.

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