“The Aftermath of Doom” will be launched on PS5 worldwide on January 24, 2023- Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

“Doom: Aftermath” is a well-made cooperative zombie shooter game, inspired by the hit film made by Paramount Pictures, and it is also an upgrade of “Doom”. The original attracted as many as 15 million players. Fight off hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world across consoles and PCs. Fight alongside up to three friends or AI teammates in an intense storyline against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies in zombie-infested lands around the world. Take back Vatican City in an epic confrontation in Rome, and join the army of survivors as they fight to the death on the ice-covered Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.

A new chapter in the story under the flames of war

Embark on an all-new quest to retake Vatican City in an epic confrontation with Rome, and join the ranks of survivors as they battle Russia’s snow-covered Kamchatka peninsula. Play as an all-new or returning character and experience the brutal new melee system for close-quarters combat against hordes of zombies. Rely on unique moves, skills, and dual-wielding weapons such as sickle and machete to eliminate the zombie army. Don’t let your survival squad get thrown off by all-new undead monsters, including hordes of carnivorous rats!

The Zombie Army Upgrades Again

Play with ultra-high picture quality at 4K resolution and 60 frames. In the new Horde Mode XL game mode, take on endless zombie waves of escalating intensity and eliminate more bloodthirsty zombies on screen than ever before.

Deepen the growth mechanism and enjoy a new perspective

Experience a heart-pounding new first-person perspective in Doom: Aftermath. Upgrade eight exclusive occupations, namely Gunner, Rebel, Slasher, Medic, Repairer, Annihilator, Drone Master and the new vanguard. Each occupation has its own unique skills and gameplay. Customize your weapons to take on any survival challenge, and triumph in specially modified Daily levels to earn awesome bonus rewards.

Doom: Aftermath also includes everything from Doom: The Year’s Edition, so players who own the original Doom or Doom: The Year’s Edition purchase Doom on the same platform. Discounts on War of the Aftermath.

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