“I know quite well the suffering of Alzheimer’s disease”

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Heroes of the new mini-series, The Last Days of Ptolemy Greycurrently available at AppleTV+in which he plays an old man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Samuel L. Jackson explains to us why he decided to launch himself into the world of series.

“It’s a role that really touched me”

It’s a surprise to find you in this project on AppleTV+…

Samuel L. Jackson: Not for me! The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey immediately resonated with me. I immediately understood that this is a series that touched me personally. I found myself in this story of this man who has to face old age and illness. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey is a bit of my life!


I have many family members who have Alzheimer’s disease. This suffering, so I know it quite well and that’s why I felt a certain familiarity in the scenario of this series because I was able to witness the deterioration of many members of my family.

Your sick old man character does not look like you in real life. Is this also the reason why you were attracted to this project?

It’s a role that really touched me. I think it’s a real chance for an actor to embody such an obscure character. It’s a real gift to be able to tell a story that has a direct connection with people who are close to you in life. This series was in a way a way to pay tribute to them and to all those who suffer from this disease.

“I continue to go to the gym regularly and practice physical activities as often as possible”

At 73, you still seem to be so dynamic. What’s your secret to maintaining such shape?

I constantly try to exercise both my head and my body. This is the reason why I am a person who now reads a lot. I try to make my head work as much as possible. As for my body, I continue to go to the gym regularly and do physical activities as often as possible.

Are you afraid of aging?

I’m lucky to have good genes and I believe it all comes down to your mind. Today, I take extremely good care of myself and take the days as they come.

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