I lost Appa the same year this picture was taken: Menaka -Menaka Suresh shares the Memories with her Appa on father’s day with a throwback photo

2023-06-19 12:18:05

Actress Menaka Suresh is sharing her father’s memories with Father’s Day wishes

Maneka Suresh is a prominent actor in South Indian cinema. Menaka’s first film was ‘Ramai Yayukku Vanthutta’ released in 1979. Although Menaka made her debut in Tamil cinema, she mostly worked in Malayalam. Menaka has appeared as a heroine in about 125 films. Menaka was once the highest paid actress in South India. Later, after her marriage to producer Suresh Kumar, Menaka took a break from acting. Finally, after fifteen years, Menaka returned with the serial ‘Kaliveedu’.

Menaka is very active on social media. Menaka shares all the fun moments with her family and friends through her profile. This is the note shared by Menaka on Father’s Day. Menaka shared her memories of her father. Menaka’s father died when she was eighteen years old. Menaka also says that when she tries new dishes at home, she wishes her father was by her side.

“Happy Father’s Day Appa. I got this picture from a colleague of mine. What a precious thing it is. This picture was taken in January 1982 on the sets of Oru Mott Virinchapol. I lost my father on September 19 of the same year at 7.30 pm. I was eighteen and my siblings were 16, 10, and 8. When I entered the film industry, my father said that he will always be with me. But within three years, Appa left us. Dad was very fond of food. When I make new dishes, I remember my father. We wish we had at least an hour to eat all these dishes. A rewind button to life…,” Menaka noted.

Menaka belongs to a film family. Keerthy Suresh, the youngest daughter, is one of the leading heroines of South India. Keerthy also won the National Award for Best Actress for the film ‘Mahanadi’. While Keerthy is interested in acting, elder daughter Revathi is fond of directing. Revathi, who has co-directed several films, is currently busy directing a short film.

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