“I never thought I could say that…”

It’s time for the TrashTalk aperitif! We are halfway through the 2022-23 season and there are plenty of surprises in the NBA (like every year). A video classic today with the famous “I never thought I could say that…”! After the Eastern Conference, place to the west. Come on, we send!

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Each year we expect to see things in the NBA and each year we are left speechless seeing certain teams hit hard, certain teams crash in beauty, the explosions of players or the failures of boys that we expected much higher. A great classic of the TrashTalk YouTube channel, each season – halfway through – we get together to shoot the famous show “I never thought I could say that…”! In this episode, we dive back into our moods of last September, and we affirm the sentences which – at the time – were unpronounceable! From Nikola Jokic to Lauri Markkanen via the inconsistency of the Warriors or the level of play of the Kings, it’s time for the aperitif!

We settle down quietly with the special “I never thought I could say that…” aperitif. And you, what are your biggest surprises at the start of the season?

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