I saw Mammooka’s shooting from behind the wall and in the next picture with him – Sandeep Pradeep

2023-11-30 07:34:00

Sandeep Pradeep is an actor who entered Malayalam cinema through a short film. Sandeep played the lead role in Falimi starring Basil Joseph. 18th Step is Sandeep’s first film. Mammootty, Prithviraj, Arya and many other stars are in the film.

Sandeep Pradeep shares his experience with Mammootty during the shoot of 18th Padi. Sandeep said that though his role was small, he got a lot of good experience from him. Sandeep shared the experience of going to see a shoot of Mammootty and then acting with Mammootty in 18th Step. The actor shared the experience in an interview with Milestone Makers.

‘I entered the cinema for the first time on the 18th step. It has many legendary actors like Mammooka. It was great to be able to act with them. For me, the experience is more important than my character.

I am late. I used to watch from this side of the wall when Mammooka came for the Vaikam shoot. When Mammooka shoots from a distance, he watches from this side of the wall. During the shoot of the 18th step, there are some people on the other side of the wall. I am now with Mammooka. I feel proud when I recall that memory like this. So I was able to achieve the 18th step, which is a very memorable experience,’ said Sandeep Pradeep.

In the interview, Sandeep tells everything he talked to Mammootty on the location of 18th step. Sandeep also said that Mammootty could not speak because they were with many people.

‘There are a lot of people on the 18th step. Mammooka never got a chance to talk to everyone. But everyone was told what is their name, where is their country, and so on. We are only 60, 65 people in the cast. Apart from that there are many technicians. All of them were photographed by Mammooka,’ recalls Sandeep.

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