Gumayusi: From Childhood Dream to World Champion – A Sister’s Instagram Journey

2023-11-29 05:49:00

After winning the S13 world championship in “League of Legends” T1, Gumayusi’s second sister played on IG (_many__), using pictures and texts to share Gumayusi’s story of pursuing his e-sports dream from childhood to adulthood, giving everyone a glimpse into the little secrets of their e-sports family.

First of all, the second sister Gumayusi mentioned that Gumayusi has loved games since she was a child, and because her eldest brother is a very famous professional player in StarCraft, called “INnoVation”, he is even known as one of the top human players.(Click here for introduction)so Gumayusi is influenced by it and hopes that he can become a professional e-sports player in the future.

Because Gumayusi was quite serious at the time, his family members realized, “Wow, he is serious.” They also thought to themselves, “Is it possible that there will be two successful e-sports players in the family?” They were quite worried about him, but Gumayusi was quite confident. , first became an elite player in the Korean server, and then joined the well-known team T1 (called SKT when joining in 2018). It seems that everything is developing in the right direction.

However, in the early days of Gumayusi joining T1, the starting position of the first team was always stuck by Teddy. It took nearly three years before they finally made their debut, but it was in the 2020 World Championship Qualifying Tournament. In the end, they were defeated by GEN. The three-loss sweep and loss of the opportunity to advance to the World Championships gave Gumayusi a shocking education and allowed him to withstand the fire of many viewers. The next year, Gumayusi still could not establish an army, which made him waver.

The second sister revealed that Gumayusi was afraid of the unknown and even considered changing teams. After all, the career of an e-sports player is very precious, but in the end he chose to renew the contract because Gumayusi thought that although it was difficult, “But if I leave T1 now, I will not be able to leave T1 now.” All your efforts will be in vain, and you must work hard to do better.” The second sister wants to tell everyone that Gumayusi, who seems to have an excellent and stable mentality from the outside world, was actually discouraged. Fortunately, after experiencing hardships, Gumayusi finally regained his mental health. Mature.

When he was a child, Gumayusi once said in a dream, “I just need to win one more time. I will definitely be able to do it this time…”. Even in his dreams, he showed strong ambition. When no one recognized him, he always worked hard alone. The second sister wishes she could travel back in time and secretly tell Gumayusi in his sleep, “You will be the best ADC in the world and lift the world championship trophy.”

But the second sister now realizes that maybe she doesn’t need to do this, because Gumayusi has a strong mentality and strength. He recalled the day he signed with T1, his shining eyes, and said something to his mother, “As soon as I thought of I can’t sleep with the picture of me winning the world championship!” Gumayusi was able to reach this point all because he believed in himself. The second sister finally congratulated her brother, “You are the best ADC in the world!”

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