“I shot the boss”: 20 years in prison for Styrian police officer

In February 2023 he is said to have killed his boss, the commander of the Trieben police station, with several shots. The defendant pleaded guilty from the start. At the trial, he stated that his motive was that he was afraid of being charged with abuse of office. The judgment is not final.

Discussion about sick leave confirmation

On February 27, 2023, the 47-year-old, now ex-police officer, had a conversation with his superior. This involved an unreported work accident and an outstanding sick leave confirmation. There was a charge of abuse of office. The defendant left the office: “I wasn’t feeling well, I was disappointed that there would be a report,” he said quietly and haltingly. In the meantime he had another conversation and returned to his boss after a few minutes.

Video: The trial took place on Tuesday in Leoben

“What happened to you?” asked Judge Roman Weiss. “I got my weapon and wanted to go to the doctor for confirmation of sick leave, but then I changed my mind. I went to the post commander’s office and wanted to ask him if it would be possible not to bring a confirmation.” The 47-year-old said he may have also brought up the matter of the ad. The boss insisted on the report and wanted to refrain from confirming it.

“What was going on inside you?”

“I pulled out the gun and put it to my own skull,” he said. “And then?” the judge wanted to know. “I can’t explain it to myself, then I shot him.” “You knew his wife and three children. What was going on with you?” the chairman wanted to know. The interviewee remained silent. “Is there another answer?” “No,” the defendant replied.

“He executed him in cold blood and brutally,” prosecutor Andreas Riedler was convinced. The accused fired his service weapon, a Glock 17, at his boss from a distance of 1.4 meters, hitting his upper body. The seriously injured man wanted to escape behind the desk, “but the defendant didn’t give him a chance,” said the prosecutor. Two more shots hit the commander’s head, who died shortly afterwards.

“Everything is over”

He then went to wash his hands and said to his colleague: “I shot the boss. You don’t have to be afraid, it’s all over.” He then allowed himself to be arrested without resistance. According to the colleague, the suspect showed no emotion whatsoever. “That’s right,” confirmed the accused.

The police officer who arrested the 47-year-old after the crime and who is still in therapy was also heard as a witness. He heard the shots and “I thought I was next,” he said through tears. But his colleague just said, “Put the handcuffs on me, I shot the boss.” The witness recalled that he then saw the commander lying in a pool of blood through the open office door.

The defense attorney had warned the listeners at the beginning: “What you’re about to hear today is serious stuff. I’m not defending the crime, I’m representing his rights.”


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