I summon the Council of Ministers for an immediate meeting to sanction the requests made by the staff.

The caretaker government’s Minister of Communications, Johnny Al-Qarm, commended the “Ogero” employees’ union for halting last week’s strike, stating that it demonstrated the employees’ sound judgment and accountability. Al-Qarm emphasized that the “Ogero” sector is critical to other sectors, as it is interlinked. Consequently, the country’s suspension of the strike would prevent significant issues at all levels.

In a report, Al-Qarm indicated that the Council of Ministers was responsible for any decisions regarding employees’ pay hikes. Al-Qarm reiterated that the council is adamant about resolving employees’ demands and warned about the hazards of disregarding this file. He urged the council to meet immediately to approve the claims and prevent the “Ogero” authority from taking any misguided steps.

Crimea extended reassurances to the “Ogero” employees, stating that they had the government’s full support in resolving this matter. Crimea expressed his gratitude for the employees’ decision to scrap the strike and revealed that he would be meeting with the union on Monday to develop a comprehensive plan encompassing all aspects of the file.

The Minister of Communications in the caretaker government, Johnny Al-Qarm, praised “the move of the “Ogero” employees’ union to suspend the strike that began last week,” considering that “it reflects the rationality and responsibility that the employees enjoy, especially since the “Ogero” sector forms the backbone of other sectors because it is linked to directly, so that the country, with this suspension of the strike, would avoid major problems at all levels.”

In a statement, he indicated that “he has always stressed that any decision related to increasing the salaries of employees is entrusted to the Council of Ministers,” stressing that “it will remain insistent on working to reach this file to its happy conclusions, especially since the employees’ demands are right.” And he warned of “the danger of not paying attention to this file,” reiterating the call to the Council of Ministers to “meet immediately, in order to approve the demands and avoid causing the “Ogero” authority to do something wrong, before it is too late.”

Crimea reassured the employees of the “Ogero” organization, “that it will always stay with them and by their side to solve this file,” thanking them for “undoing the strike.” He pointed out that “a meeting will be held between him and the union next Monday, to draw up a practical roadmap surrounding the file in all its aspects.”

In conclusion, the decision of the “Ogero” employees’ union to suspend their strike is a step in the right direction. Minister Johnny Al-Qarm’s praise of their “rationality and responsibility” is a testament to the important role that the “Ogero” sector plays in the country. It is essential to address the issue of increasing salaries for employees, and the Council of Ministers must take action to approve their demands. Crimea’s reassurance to the employees of their support and forthcoming meeting with the union is a positive sign. Let us hope that the discussions will result in a practical solution to the issues concerning the “Ogero” organization.

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