Man City VS Liverpool 4-1: The brutal sailboat overtakes the Reds 4-1

Man City vs Liverpool: Result 4-1 Manchester City continued to put pressure on Arsenal after they beat Liverpool 4-1 at home, with the visiting team taking the lead first through Mohamed Salah. The hosts also returned four goals from Julian Alvalez, Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan and Jack Grealish, bringing the Blues’ tally to 64 points. The deputy leader of the crowd, as for the “Reds”, has 42 points, staying at 6 as before.

Football Premier League 2022/23

Man City 4-1 Liverpool

Premier League Football 2022/23 on Saturday, March 11, 2023, is a meeting between “The Blues” Manchester City The runner-up team opens the house to meet “Reds” Liverpool Team Rank 6

Starting the first half, in the 11th minute, Man City had a chance to win first from the moment Rodri picked up the ball in front of the penalty area. Before pressing with emphasis on the right, but the ball still went straight to Alisong, it was not difficult to handle.

GOAL … In the 17th minute, Liverpool invaded to take a 1-0 lead from a quick counterattack. Alexander Arnold puts in a long ball from himself. Go in front of the local penalty area and be Chota who runs to cover the Man City defensive line. Then rest the ball for Salah to run into the penalty area and send the ball into the beautiful net.

In the 22nd minute, Man City almost equalized from the moment that the Reds’ defensive line uninterruptedly intercepted from the front of the penalty area. The ball flew into Mahrez’s volley, highlighting the ball flying over the crossbar. just that

GOAL … In the 28th minute, Man City equalized 1-1 until the team had a beautiful ball connection, Mahrez got the ball on the right before dragging it into the middle and sending it to Gundogan before stabbing it out on the left for Jack Greely. Schble into the middle for Julian Alvalez to charge into the net.

Minute 45 + 1 Man City came to win the lead. From the moment the team came to get a corner kick, Mahrez opened the curve to the far post and it was Rodri who got a close volley. But pushed to shoot at the same people bounce back

At half time, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Liverpool.

GOAL … In the 47th minute, Man City swiftly took the lead 2-1, when Alvalez placed a long ball on the right flank for Mahrez to pass a single ball into the middle for De Bruyne. Passing the ball through Alisson’s hand into the net.

GOAL … In the 54th minute, the blue sailboat took a 3-1 lead from the moment Mahrez dragged the ball into the penalty area on the right before flowing for Alvarez to hook the ball and shoot to the block. Alexander Arnold jumped out into Gundogan’s way, shot repeatedly and hit the net without any remains.

In the 55th minute, the Reds came to win from the moment Kakpo got the ball into the penalty area on the left. Before hitting it with the right side, focusing on the ball to ricochet, Akanji bounced off the post only a little bit.

In the 60th minute, the home side could almost come from the counter-attack, Alvarez flowed the ball for Grealish to catch Trent’s escape before turning right to the far post, but Alisson still flew away. Excellent

GOAL … In the 74th minute, Man City took a 4-1 lead from a time when the team held the ball for a long time, then Grealish let De Bruyne’s ball fall to the left before opening it back for Grealish to run into and shoot through Alis. Song enters the net

In the 82nd minute, the Blues came to win again when De Bruyne put the ball out the left for Grealish to put his feet up and hit it full. without holding But still went directly to Alisong.

At the end of the match, Manchester City opened the house to thrash Liverpool 4-1, causing the “Blue Sailboat” to have increased to 64 points, holding the runner-up of the crowd, while “Reds” had 42 points, still in 6th place.

List of 11 real players on the field

Manchester City : Ederson (GK), John Stones, Ruben Dias, Manuel Akanji, Nathan Ake, Rodri, Ilkay Gundogan, Kevin De. Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez, Julian Alvalez, Jack Grealish

Liverpool : Alisson Becker (GK), Trent Alexander Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Ibrahima Konate, Andrew Roberts. Jason, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, Harvey Elliot, Mohamed Salah, Cody Cakpo, Diogo Jota.

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