‘I wanted to do at least one scene with Fahad, I didn’t think it would happen so soon’

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‘AMpane, don’t care, care…’ Fahadh Fazil’s Rangannan who gets every clap when he utters this dialogue also belongs to Sajin Gopu who made the role of Amban unforgettable. While Jithu Madhavan’s ‘Athsham’ has been getting a good response at the theatres, Sajin Gopu’s ‘Ambaan’ has already won the hearts of the audience. Aluvakaran Sajin has delivered a smashing performance as Ranga’s shadowy Amban, with the nature of a goon and the mind of a child. Sajin is excited to play a different character that surpasses Sajiyathan in ‘Jaane Mann’, the jeep driver in ‘Churuli’ and Nirup in ‘Romancham’. Sajin shares about Ambaan and his film experiences with Mathrubhumi.com.

How has the response been from the audience?

The response is good. Many people called after watching the movie. Amban’s character is well done, it is said that it has been well done. I feel happy and proud when I hear everything. They are sad and we are happy when they are told that they cannot get tickets for excitement. It is a pleasure to see a film I have acted in during the Vishu and Purunnal holidays and it is being received in theaters in a big way by the audience.

The scenes with Fahadh Faasil are very popular

I am a big fan of Fahadh. Always wanted to do a scene with him at least once. But I didn’t think it would be possible so soon. At first I doubted whether I would be able to bring my acting to that level while acting with him. But very fun and comfortable to work with. Often the scene with Fahad will be introduced first. He and vice versa will show us how to present the scene. Fahad Fazil is excited.

Amban is a very powerful character for action

This is the first time I am doing such an action. Choreography was done in a small way only in Chavere. Ampanai had trained for a week. Other artistes with me are trained. Krishnakumar who played the role of Nanjappa is a professional in martial arts. He has been training in Bangalore for the past forty years. Similarly, the other two storytellers in Ranga’s gang are professionals. While they attack from the air, we attack from below.

Relationship with director Jithu Madhavan

I have a relationship with Jeethu since Romancham movie. It was when Jan A Man came out that John Paul asked if he was interested in doing a film. He is the one who introduced me to Jithu. After listening to the story, I liked it a lot. A full-length character of a very important kind that has not been available yet. And an opportunity to act together with Soubin Ikka and Arjun Ashok. I have acted with Arjun before. Acted together in Jaan A Mann, Romancham and Chaveer. And we are good friends. By the time I got to the point of excitement, Jeethu presented to me a character who was always seen with Ranga, who would fight and kill for him. The character played is Amban, who takes care when Ranga is down, and Ranga, who takes care when Ampan is down.

The transition from theater to film

Watching movies has been a hobby since time immemorial. After graduating from DePaul, he attended many auditions, but nothing worked out. AP Anilkumar entered into drama with the feeling of wanting to improve his acting. Played for two years. Then he played small roles in a couple of films. But the film did not work, the character was not noticed and the film did not succeed in the theater. After that it reaches the curl. I became known when Churli and Jaan A Man came out.

Could the second part of the thriller be around the corner?

Currently nothing to share about it. Just come ready. Jithu said that it will take some time. Because everyone wants this film to turn out well. So we are all waiting for that.

New projects

There is currently no shooting. The shooting of Basil’s film has been completed. No official announcement has come.

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