Solar power plants to fetch electricity from space

2024-04-18 05:00:00

DECRYPTION – Energy and space stakeholders are meeting in London to advance a European Space Agency project.

Capturing the Sun’s energy from space, where it shines continuously without being attenuated by the atmosphere, to transform it into electricity and transport it to Earth, via wireless technology. The new concept was imagined in the early 1940s by science fiction author Isaac Asimov, then formalized in 1968 by Peter Glaser, a NASA engineer. Since then, several studies have been carried out by NASA, Boeing and Mitsubishi. Its promise: access to almost unlimited energy, making it possible to put an end to fossil fuels.

The concept is experiencing renewed interest, because it would be an effective way to fight global warming and reduce polluting emissions while securing access to clean energy across the planet. Better still, the conditions are now met. “ The technology of converting solar radiation into electricity and then into radio frequency signals sent to Earth works. It is used by telecom satellites…

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