Royal Love Affair: Maria Montell Speaks Out About Relationship with King Frederik

2024-04-17 22:02:40

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    Three years before King Frederik met Queen Mary, he lived with someone else. Maria Montell speaks in a podcast about her love for the heir to the throne at the time.

    Copenhagen – It has been a little over three months since King Frederik von Denmark (55) took over as the successor to the Danish Queen Margrethe II (83) in Copenhagen with Queen Mary (52) at his side as head of the Danes. Even before the change of throne, the old queen’s son made headlines with an alleged affair, which hasn’t really calmed down since then. Now Frederik’s ex-girlfriend also speaks out.

    Singer Maria Montell had to go to a psychologist after her relationship with Frederik

    The royal headlines could be better now that Frederik is on the throne. First he came into the media with rumors about an alleged affair with the celebrity Genoveva Casanova (47), then observers soon had the impression that The new royal couple can be found more on vacation than at work. Now reported Swedish Women’s Magazine from a Danish podcast in which Maria Montell (55) talked about the difficult sides of her relationship with Frederik. The now 55-year-old singer and the then prince were lovers in the late 1990s.

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    In the podcast “112 för brustna hjärtan” (German: “112 for broken hearts”) she reports on her time with Frederik. Maria Montell describes how difficult it was to make love public. “It’s terrible to have to stand up and announce to the entire Danish population that you’re in love with someone,” says the now wife and mother. During this time she felt judged by people she didn’t even know.

    Montell doesn’t say a bad word about King Frederik and only speaks positively about her ex

    Maria Montell was with King Frederik in 1997 (photomontage). © Ola Torkelsson/IMaog & PPE/Imago

    Frederik was not a child of sadness and was always looking for true love. In 1997 he conquered Montell. At some point she couldn’t resist the then heir to the throne. “He did everything in his power to get me, and I let myself get carried away,” said the 55-year-old in the podcast.

    In previous interviews such as the Danish magazine See and listen She had shared: “It’s a part of my life and it was a fantastic time. Of course it was tiring because it overshadowed what I actually do.” She had to endure a lot in the media about her appearance. “That was hard.” After the relationship ended, she had to go to a psychologist. In 2003, Maria Montell met the film director Tomas Villum Jensen (52). The two are now married and have three children.

    Interesting: Frederik also had his difficulties as crown prince and sought psychological help. But the reason could not have been his ex-girlfriend. Sources used: Svensk Damtidning, Se og Hør

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