I wasn’t comfortable with you…Watch the latter’s reaction • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The famous Lebanese journalist, Ali Ajami, thanked the famous Snapchat Rahaf Al-Qahtani for hosting him.

And he documented a video clip, the moment Rahaf bid farewell to “Ajami”, and she says to him, “You enlightened me, welcome,” while the latter thanked her for the good hosting, and told him, “You really make me crazy.”

The clip showed Rahaf talking about making some modifications to the media interview that Ajami had previously recorded with her before it was broadcast.

Al-Qahtani pointed out that the media dialogue was not in the best way because she did not feel comfortable with “Ajami” by saying, “I was not comfortable with you.”

She indicated that the matter changed after meeting him after that, while “Ajami” expressed his desire to get to know Rahaf more and get to know her father and the tribe.

Al-Qahtani replied, “A boy gives you the sweetest road trip,” and “Ajami” picked up part of the conversation, saying: We drink “camel” milk, which sparked Rahaf’s laughter at the end of the clip.

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