IEA discusses energy security and climate in Paris

2024-02-12 20:36:51

The International Energy Agency (IEA) will discuss energy security and climate goals at its ministerial meeting starting Tuesday (8:30 a.m.) in Paris. In addition to ministers from the 31 IEA states and other countries, leaders from industry, finance and civil society are expected at the two-day meeting. The most important topics include the risks to energy security in connection with the war in Ukraine and the Middle East crisis.

The implementation of the results of the COP28 climate conference should also be discussed. The IEA is an interest group that advises industrialized countries on energy issues and is celebrating its 50th anniversary at the Paris meeting. The Energy Agency was founded in the wake of the global oil crisis of 1973/1974 with the intention of being able to take coordinated measures to secure oil supplies in the event of renewed crises.

Fifty years after the founding of the IEA, the ministerial meeting will also discuss how the global energy system has changed and how the energy and climate challenges can be addressed.

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