‘If Argentina wins, a sleepover at the bus stand’; Mexico cheated, Sunil rolled | Messi | Football | Social Media | Viral Video

‘If Argentina wins by defeating Mexico, then we can perform Shayanapradakshina at Arekot bus stand. This Brazil fan has kept his word after losing faith in Mexico. He kept his word by reaching the bus stand in Areekode and doing a circumambulation. This video is now viral on social media. As football excitement grows, so do these challenges and bets. There are those who have lost half their mustache and beard.

After defeating Mexico by two goals, Argentina is progressing in the World Cup without giving up its pre-quarter hopes. Argentina’s victory was 2-0 when superstar Lionel Messi led from the front by scoring and striking. With the win, Argentina finished second in Group C with three points. Lionel Messi (64) and Enzo Fernandez (87) scored for Argentina.

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