Shachihekoya Restaurant: The Controversial ‘Nagoya Ladies Slap’ and its Viral Video Scene

2023-12-07 06:54:43 07 December 2023, 12:24 PM IST Scene from viral video | Photo: twitter BhaMany restaurants are famous for the taste of the invitation. Hotels attract people by giving different names to the dishes. But do you know about a restaurant that is famous for beating it? That restaurant is Shachihekoya in Nagoya, Japan. … Read more

Shocking Road Rage: KSRTC Driver Attacked by Scooter Rider in Aluva

2023-12-04 05:14:11 Aluva: The KSRTC driver was brutally beaten up by a scooter passenger who questioned his attempt to overtake the vehicle on the left side. The incident took place at Aluva Mutta yesterday around 4:30 pm. The driver of Kothamangalam depot M.S. Jayakumar was beaten up. The video of the incident has been released. … Read more

American Airlines Employees Mishandling Wheelchair Viral Video: Full Coverage & Response

2023-11-26 09:44:57 A video of American Airlines employees carelessly handling a wheelchair is going viral on social media. The video first appeared on Tik Tok. Later, when many people started sharing the video on other social media, the incident came to the attention of more people. The video first shows one of the American Airlines … Read more

Pet Friendly Mountain Trekking: The Story of a Woman and her Dogs Climbing Sanqing Mountain

2023-11-09 05:54:09 When the young woman wanted to go mountain trekking, she took her pet dogs with her. The young woman came with her dogs to climb Sanqing Mountain, which is a combination of Yujing, Yushui and Yuhua peaks, representing the Taoist trinity. But a dog refused to climb a steep hill. With this, the … Read more