“If Joe Biden is the candidate of the unions, Donald Trump is the candidate of the workers”

2023-10-03 16:00:07

Lhen the auto strike broke out in Detroit (Michigan), Joe Biden went on the offensive: the Democrat, who describes himself as the most pro-union president the United States has ever known, grilled Donald Trump and went on a picket line, a first for a president of the United States. Even Roosevelt didn’t dare.

The conservative channel Fox News sought to dismantle the political coup: eighty-seven seconds of Joe Biden speaking, a handful of union workers and as many members of the secret service to protect the president. In reality, if Joe Biden is the candidate of the unions, Donald Trump is that of the workers: this is attested by the result of 2020 – 56% against 41% among voters, all races combined, having stopped studying at high school, according to a Pew survey. “Of the 265 counties most dominated by blue-collar workers – areas where more than 40% of workers have jobs in construction, service or other unskilled fields – Mr. Biden won only 15 »noted the New York Times at the end of 2020. In contrast, Mr. Biden had 56% of union votes (10% of workers) compared to 42% for Mr. Trump.

The battle on this ground will be fierce in 2024, and the angle of attack taken by Donald Trump, in a non-unionized factory in a white suburb in the north of Detroit, Wednesday September 27, was edifying. It would have been easy to start the fight on inflation, which increased by 18%, while the median salary after taxes fell by 8.8% in 2022. This is not the case.

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Donald Trump has decided to attack the electric car and the energy transition promoted by Joe Biden. “You’re all on picket lines, but it doesn’t make any difference what you get because in two years you’ll all be bankrupt.”launched Donald Trump, accusing Joe Biden of” murder “ automotive industry and shipping “Michigan workers unemployed” : “He sells you to China, he sells you to environmental extremists and the radical left. »

The electric industry hires far fewer workers than traditional automobiles, and battery factories – joint ventures created with Asian manufacturers – are most often non-unionized, with lower wages. Finally, the former president accused batteries of polluting: “These batteries, when you get rid of them, a lot of bad things happen. And when they dig to make these batteries, it’s very bad for the environment. »

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