If you notice them, go to the doctor immediately. The lines on your nails indicate that you have these diseases

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A new study revealed the causes of lines and ripples that appear on the nails and increase with age, and may be a sign of a health problem.

The study, published in the Canadian Family Physician, showed that about 20 percent of adults suffer from brittle nails, which is a normal part of the aging process, including the bumps or splits that appear on the nails.

Causes of bumps on the nails

The study stated that vertical nail edges are a natural result of moisture loss that occurs during the human aging process. In general, it is not a cause for concern.

On the other hand, horizontal ridges are a rare phenomenon that can indicate many different health issues. Deep horizontal nail edges, also called Beau’s lines, are often a sign that your nails have stopped growing.

Nail marks can be caused by injury to the nail root, disease or infection, severe stress, a skin condition affecting the nail area, vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, or loss of blood flow to the nail.

Beau’s lines may be evidence of a protein or zinc deficiency. Therefore, the study stressed the need to visit the doctor if there are horizontal bumps in the nails.

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