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There is a meme in the Black Soul community that says FromSoftware games are full of “British Goodwill”, whether it is the “Dark Soul” series, “Sekiro” or “Elden Ring”, as long as you can get it It’s all goodwill from Yinggao that kills you, and the latest bug appeared on the Reddit forum, which caused heated discussions among soul players, because this bug is so interesting.

According to the video released by Inzealous, he and two other players fought once morest the famous Iron King “Valkyrie” Marenia through a multiplayer connection. After the three of them defeated Marenia, a miraculous thing happened Happened: Malenia’s phantom is hunting them down.

In all the times I’ve faced Malenia whether as a Host or as a summon, that is the first time this ever happened.
by u/Inzealous in Eldenring

Players who are familiar with “Elden’s Circle of Law” know that Marenia has a second stage, and in the second stage, there is a special big move, which is to jump up in the air and have several clone phantoms composed of butterflies attack the player, and then Disappear.

However, in Inzealous’s video, Marlenia just died when performing this trick, and these clone phantoms did not disappear due to an unknown bug, and continued to hunt down the players on the field. Soon, they came to help Inzealous The Faded were quickly hacked to death, and Inzealous himself was ultimately doomed no matter how much he rolled.


Yes, any game will inevitably have bugs, but it is very interesting that this happened to Marenia in “Elden Ring”, following all, there is a legendary player who didn’t know how to kill Marenia Thousands of times, it seems that such a strange thing has never been encountered.

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Although many players are overjoyed to see this bug and joke frequently, I still hope that FromSoftware can fix this strange situation as soon as possible.

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