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Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni dismantles with a post the controversy stirred up by the left on the case of Antonio Scurati and the writer’s monologue on April 25 missed in the Chesarà broadcast, hosted by Serena Bortone on Rai. And you silence the opposition by publishing the full text that M.’s writer should have pronounced on TV “free of charge”, as emerged in the last few hours, except then ask for a hefty fee. “In an Italy full of problems, even today the left is building a case”, the Prime Minister stated in a post on Facebook, “this time it is for an alleged censorship of a monologue by Scurati to celebrate April 25th”.

The RAI censorship hoax on Scurati: it was just a question of money

The prime minister summarizes the two opposing visions: “The left shouts at the regime, Rai replies that it has simply refused to pay 1800 euros (the monthly salary of many employees) for a minute of monologue”, she states. “I don’t know what the truth is, but I will happily publish the text of the monologue (which I hope not to have to pay for) for two reasons.”

Free title: Darken, the email appears that clarifies everything.  The truth |  LOOK

The first is “because those who have always been ostracized and censored by the public service will never ask for censorship of anyone. Not even of those who think that their propaganda against the government should be paid for with citizens’ money”. The second reason is “so that Italians can freely judge the content. Happy reading”, concludes the prime minister who then pastes the full text of the monologue which ended up at the center of the controversy at the bottom of the post, and we published in this article.

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2024-04-23 01:07:34

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