Illinois shooting: What we know about the fugitive shooter

At least 6 people were killed and 24 others injured in a shooting that occurred in Highland Park (Illinois, United States) during a parade to celebrate American independence. The shooter is actively sought.

Police in Highland Park, Illinois (United States), are fully mobilized on Monday, July 4, following a gunman opened fire during a parade organized by the city for the feast of the American independence. The suspect, who left at least 6 dead and 24 injured, is still actively sought.

The police have for the moment little information on the fugitive, whom they seek to formally identify. At this stage of the investigation, police believe there was only one shooter.

According to information from CNNCommander Chris O’Neil of Highland Park Police described him as “a white male, regarding 18-20 years old, with long black hair, a small build and wearing a white or blue t-shirt “.

Calling on the population to be cautious, the authorities specified that the individual is still “considered armed and dangerous”.

posted on a roof?

At present, the suspect is still at large. The police are looking for him and indicate that he does not appear to have barricaded himself near the scene of the shooting.

A rifle was also found where the shots were fired. Sergeant Christopher Covelli said he might not divulge further details regarding where the weapon was found. But, according to him, it seems that the fugitive was “shooting from a roof”.

Questioned by the WGN television channel, a witness, named Michael, meanwhile indicated that he saw the shooter “crouched on the ground” and who “advanced in a methodical, almost military manner”.

He referred to a shooting that appeared to be “completely random”, in which Illinois State Police responded to the suspect’s shots.

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