Important, recognize the symptoms of hypertension and 6 ways to handle it!

JURNALSUMSEL.COM– Disease prevalence hypertension or blood pressure in Indonesia is quite high.

Hypertension is known as one of the most influencing risk factors for disease incidence heart and blood vessels.

Often, those who suffer hypertension does not show symptoms, so that only realized when it has caused organ disorders such as malfunctioning heart or stroke.

Not infrequently hypertension found accidentally during a routine health check or came up with another complaint.

Following this, the South Sumatra Journal has launched from the Ministry of Health’s website regarding steps to handle hypertension and how to detect it.

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Curious? Let’s review together !.

Ways to detect or diagnose disease hypertension, is very simple, namely by:

  1. Measure blood pressure using a tensimeter. Hypertension is established when the blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg. Treatment or management hypertension takes a long time, a lifetime and must be continuous. If lifestyle modifications do not lower blood pressure to the desired level, medication should be administered.
  2. Facilities and infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment hypertensionThis includes detecting possible target organ damage or complications, which are basically readily available in health care facilities.
  3. The presence of Posbindu PTM every month in an active Alert Village in every sub-district is actually enough to be aware of and monitor blood pressure and immediately go to the Puskesmas / health facility if the blood pressure is high.
  4. If you can afford to buy a tensimeter yourself to monitor your family’s blood pressure regularly, it will be better.
  5. Improving healthy living behavior is the most important point to avoid hypertension. Like eating fruits and vegetables.

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