In Bariloche they focus on low salaries and high demands for nurses

2024-03-03 20:37:55

The Asspur union in Bariloche decided to put a special emphasis on the situation of the Nursing sectorwho charge between 2,600 and 2,900 pesos per hour of care. “We demand that our work not be recognized only in words,” they stated.

According to the details released by the hospital union, today the salary of a nursing assistant is equivalent to 490 dollars at the official exchange ratewhen in 2020 it was $620 and in 2022, with an added pandemic, it temporarily reached $1,150.

“We want you to know that the person who assists your surgery, who receives your newborn baby, who accompanies you and calms your suffering when you are at the end of your life, what teaches you how to feed your baby (…), today earn a poor salary“, they denounced from Asspur.

Alicia Santibáñez, Asspur representative, said that To complete an income that allows them to live, they must work 16 hours a day. And he clarified that “they are active guards, a nurse cannot go to bed to sleep,” which seriously deteriorates the quality of care. “It is not free for anyone to work such long shifts“, he claimed.

At the Ramón Carrillo hospital in Bariloche there are 198 people on the Nursing staff, less than during the pandemic, they reported in a claim. Photo: Chino Leiva

He maintained that today in the Bariloche hospital employs 198 nurseswhen During the pandemic there were 230, but the positions They are not covered “because it is impossible to pay rent with these salaries.”

The situation was exposed on Friday in the Health sector strike. ATE also participated in the mobilization. The last salary proposal with bonuses of 100,000 to 140,000 pesos made by the Weretilneck government was rejected and They seek “increases to the basic salary” that compensate for what was lost due to the inflationary wave.

“The vocation does not pay the rent”, “Public health is on fire” and “one hour on duty is not enough for a kilo of weed” said some of the signs carried by the hospitalers, who held an open radio on Friday at the entrance on Elflein, intermittently blocked the street to make their demands visible and then set up a popular potluck.

As spokesperson for the “autoconvodados,” general practitioner Carolina Zombory pointed out that salaries in the Health sector fell into a delay that is already unsustainable, because “A doctor with 10 years of seniority charges 650 thousand pesos”, a third of what is paid in the private sector. He pointed out that the workers’ claim is for a salary of 900 thousand pesos for the initial category.

On Friday, Bariloche hospital workers held a protest. Photo: Chino Leiva

Zombory said that the increases offered so far by the government in the provincial joint venture are “very poor” and warned that they will not accept bonuses “in any amount.” They want recomposition by percentage, with application to basic salaries.

According to him, In recent weeks, many professionals have asked to become part-time employees. to be able to also take on shifts in the private sector and “others directly resigned.”

He pointed out that today a health professional in the public system receives 70% of his salary in black. “miserable”.

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