in Belgium, the price of mussels and fries is soaring

2023-04-22 20:27:18


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Flagship dish of the flat country, mussels and fries are becoming more and more expensive because of inflation. In Belgium, no price shield is in place.

Sitting at the table in De Panne has rarely been so expensive. A menu each for two people with mussels and fries and soda now costs 60 euros. So to continue having fun, everyone has their own strategy. “We don’t come to the sea very often, so we agree to play the game”says a Belgian tourist. “We had an aperitif, a main course and dessert, it’s not even sure that we’ll take it”, admits another. Rising à la carte prices, a consequence of inflation. In Belgium, there is, in fact, no tariff shield.

20% more expensive food products

In recent months, food products have been 20% more expensive, including purchases for restaurateurs. So, inevitably, the addition of mussels and fries has increased. “Everything has increased, electricity is times 2 or times 3. Other products take 10 or 20%. This inevitably affects the customer”notes Arnaud Delree, manager of a restaurant in De Panne.

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