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In order to reach fruitful results .. 10 smart tricks to search on the “Google” engine

Media outlets revealed the best search methods on the famous search engine “Google”, noting that people sometimes need smart ways to reach more accurate results.

Sky News pointed out some smart tricks, in order to get results that meet what we want and quickly, which came as follows:

– One of the first tips is to resort to the time setting feature, such as specifying a date for the material you are looking for. If you want a picture from a festival that was held a few days ago, for example, it is better to search for the results of one week instead of looking at a large number of results that include the old, and it is sufficient to go To the tools and then the time box to do this step.

– The second advice is to exclude the key words that you do not need, by placing a minus sign (-) before the word you do not want. As for the words that you want to give importance and focus on, it is preferable to add a (+) sign to them.

The third technique is to search directly for files, such as specifying that you want a file in the form of “PDF”, instead of searching for it among many files.

– The fourth advice is to rely on advanced search through specific sentences, numbers, languages ​​or regions, where you can go to the settings section of the search engine and then click on “Advanced Search”, and then you will find several options, then you will be able to specify the language of the search result You can also choose to show content that is not restricted by intellectual property rights.

– If you do not want to do the advanced search, there are shortcuts, such as putting “@” to search for a result from social media platforms, in addition to the “#” sign in order to find hashtags, or the star “*” in place of a word other than known.

– And if you want to know the weather around you, it is enough to type “weather” because the search engine knows the location you are in originally and does not need to specify the area for it, and if you want to see the weather of a remote area, you can only write its name.

One of the useful Google search results is the countdown feature, as it is enough to search for “Timer” until you find it, and it starts an automatic countdown of 5 minutes.

If you want Google to perform the function of a dictionary, you need to type the word in the search box, then add a definition to it, and then the results, explanations and synonyms will appear to you.

Google can also be used to get a very useful translation, even if it needs more accuracy, sometimes, especially between some languages.

The search engine “Google” also allows you to search for two words that are far apart, that is, they are not from the same topic, and it is sufficient to write them and put a space between them, with the letter “and” in English, and “or” meaning “or”.

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