In pictures… Circus de Glace ignites excitement among visitors to “Riad City Boulevard” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The “Douglas Circus” has witnessed a remarkable presence since its inception, surprising the audience and their enthusiasm for acrobatics and breathtaking harmonious dances. The offer is suitable for all segments of society, and tickets for attendance can be booked via the link: Press here .

circus events
The experience of watching Douglas Circus’s live show in the Riyadh season goes beyond the fascination with acrobatic movements, and extends to following a musical story performed by elite ice skaters and former athletes in the field, under the supervision of the Russian Ice Stars company.” Its events by attendees of all ages, in addition to enjoying the beauty of music, costumes, and colored lights, which give the show a special charm. And

An unforgettable integrated entertainment experience
The offers and events offered in the Riyadh season suit the taste of visitors, and ensure that they experience an integrated and unforgettable entertainment experience. The “Boulevard Riyadh City” area hosts many international and local shops for shopping, in addition to food areas, cafes and picnics. The area includes theaters, cinemas and recreational play areas. Encouragement to take on new experiences and challenges.

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