In search of Schiaretti’s votes and with the support of the PRO: Javier Milei will close his campaign in Córdoba

2023-11-04 03:27:58

The runoff of the presidential elections in Argentina will take place on November 19 and will feature Javier Miley y Sergio Massa. From the ruling party they consider that they are in a position to win in the elections while the leader of La Libertad Avanza is betting on making alliances with the PRO and with Juan Schiaretti to capture the votes of Córdobaa crucial district.

This province is very opposed to the Government, to the point that it was one of Mauricio Macri’s strong points in his 2015 campaign to become President. Now that the national deputy has allied himself with him, he will go there to close his campaign and try to capture as many votes as possible in a move that could even give him the highest position.

What happens is that Juan Schiaretti got close to 7% on October 22, the same percentage difference as there is between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa. If he can obtain part of those votes, he will be practically tied with the Minister of Economy and still has to add some of the 23% that Patricia Bullrich achieved, who gave him her full support after the first round.

How Javier Milei’s campaign continues

After toning down his speech, the liberal leader will start on Saturday, November 4, with a caravan through Morón and then go to El Palomar to finish with an event on a stage surrounded by neighbors and merchants, with whom he will speak in the afternoon . During the week he will continue through the Buenos Aires suburbs with central points in Ramos Mejía and Ciudadela.

For the final leg it will go to Paraná and Rosario, two central cities in the provinces of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe, both managed by Together for Change. In his last hours before the electoral ban, he will hold an event in Parque Lezama as in his beginnings in politics and will close in Córdoba with a public strongly oriented against the Government.

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