in the book he appeared completely different

2024-01-11 15:45:03

The hero was greatly changed for the film adaptation.

The popular folk comedy introduced viewers to many colorful characters. Among them there were also frankly negative heroes. Suffice it to remember Filya, that same unlucky hooligan who cleverly incited Ilya into a humiliating argument.

But in the film this hero was not shown to be such a bad guy. He did not force Kovrigin to agree to the bet and did not lie to Tosya, shielding his friend who deceived her.

But in the book his character was fully revealed. There, Filya appears not as a hard worker and a leader, but as a rather lazy man who does not burden himself with work. He is addicted to alcohol and, together with his friends, plagues all the residents of the village with nightly songs and brawls. His photo is constantly posted on the board of shame.

In addition, Filya himself “hit up” Tosya at dances, even before Ilya. Having received a refusal, he set out to take revenge on the girl. Therefore, the dispute could not have come at a better time. In the movies, the hero was shown as a young man with a rather unfortunate sense of humor and passion.

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