The Resurrection of Osman: Episode Guide, Air Dates, and Where to Watch

2024-01-11 14:14:34

One of the famous Turkish series is the series The Resurrection of Osman, which everyone is searching for the date of the next episode, after the series became very famous on all social networking sites and became the talk of everyone, as it is an Islamic historical story about Osman Ertugrul, the founder of the state, who makes many conquests in an exciting way. It draws the viewer in because he was able to achieve many victories over enemies, and many problems and betrayals emerged from those close to him. Therefore, we will show you surprises in the next episode of the Resurrection of Othman series.

Replay of the series “The Resurrection of Othman 143”.

Many controversial and mysterious events occurred in the series “The Resurrection of Othman” in the previous episode, making the viewer watchful to know the upcoming events, as it is expected to be a strong episode full of events and will be shown on the Turkish ITV channel, as well as the Algerian Al-Fajr channel on Thursday of every week. You watch the series to know the events, as it is one of the series that all individuals of different ages follow, and the series was able to entertain the hearts of many viewers and series followers.

Channels broadcasting the series The Resurrection of Othman

Many people want to follow the series and know the latest events of the series, as it includes a large number of stars who were able to embody the characters individually and were able to prove to the viewer that they are real characters on the ground. Everyone sympathized with Othman, the hero of the series, as he is a character who was able to enter the heart due to the skilled performance of the actor. Among the most important channels on which you can watch the series are the following:

  • The Algerian Al-Fajr channel is keen to broadcast the series The Resurrection of Othman to all Arab and Turkish audiences through frequency 12343, horizontal polarization, coding rate 27500, and error correction factor ⅗.
  • The Turkish ITV channel can be watched on its screen, the series through frequency 12687, horizontal polarization, coding rate 27500, error correction factor 3/4.
  • You can also watch the series on the Turkish channel at 8:00 pm on frequency 10776, horizontal polarization, entertainment adjustment 27500, error correction factor 5/6.

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