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In the country – 8,167 more infected – 14 dead Covid is still spreading ‘Chonburi’ ranked No. 1 with 832 new ills.

Friday, January 14, 2022, 6:00 a.m.

8,167 more infected – 14 dead

Covid is still spreading

‘Chonburi’ ranked No. 1 with 832 new ills.

Bangkok opens 101 service centers

Injection of booster needle 3 to stimulate the immune system.

Affiliated Hospital-Public Health Center

Threatened to seize the license of a semi-pub spreading the disease

Thailand found 8,167 new cases of covids, 14 deaths, Chonburi demands the champion back 832 infected in one day, NSAO reveals that half-pub shops cause Covid-19 outbreak in the city threaten to revoke the license Pointed to sit and drink until 3 pm. Still found infected. advise people to avoid going to crowded places

Bangkok calls for 3rd needle vaccination AstraZeneca and Pfizer, with 101 service points open for reservations through the hospital / QUEQ application. The Pfizer vaccine for young children will enter Thailand at the end of January.

On January 13, the Center for the Coronavirus Disease Epidemic Situation Administration (CCSA) reported on the situation of COVID-19 infection. in Thailand that Found 8,167 new cases, divided into patients from the surveillance system. and the service system of 7,784 cases from an aggressive search of 78 cases from 66 prisons and 239 persons from abroad, bringing the total number of cases to 77,022. The cumulative number of cases since 2020 is 2,300,457. The number of people who have recovered today is 3,845, totaling 39,486 cumulative recoveries. The total number of recoveries since 2020 is 2,207,980. There are 70,594 patients who are receiving treatment, 520 of them are seriously ill. and 110 were put on ventilators

14 deaths, total 185

For the number of deaths today, there are 14 people, totaling 185 deaths, representing 0.24%, divided into Bangkok 1, Nakhon Ratchasima, 3, Ubon Ratchathani 1, Nakhon Sawan 1, Uthai Thani 1, Pattani 1, Yala 1, Songkhla 1, Satun. 1 case, Chanthaburi 1 case, Chonburi 1 case, and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 1 case, 8 males and 6 females, all Thai. The average death rate is 69 years (32-87 years).

More than 107 million doses have been vaccinated.

vaccination situation Thailand has vaccinated a total of 107,771,259 doses, divided into the first dose, an increase of 49,703 cases, representing 71.7% of the total population, the second needle, an increase of 116,093 cases, accounting for 65.5 percent of the total population, and the third dose, an increase of 333,559 cases. accounted for 12.4% of the total population

As for the results of the process of accepting travelers into the kingdom, it was found that 239 people who entered the kingdom from January 1 to January 13 were found to have been infected with COVID-19. The number of infected people entered the kingdom through the Test & Go system 107 cases, sandboxed 104, quarantine 28.

Chonburi is the most infected daily.

The highest number of cases were found in 10 provinces, including Chonburi, 832 cases, Bangkok. 790 new cases, Samut Prakan 625, Nonthaburi, 468 cases, Phuket, 381 cases, Khon Kaen, 337 cases, Ubon Ratchathani, 281 cases, Nakhon Si Thammarat. There are 216 confirmed cases, Pathum Thani has 184 cases, and Chiang Mai has 176.

NSDC opens information on infection in Bangkok.

At the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Dr. Suthat Chotanaphan, director of the Institute for Disease Prevention and Control (URBAN) announced the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand that information in the 13th health area of ​​Bangkok (Bangkok. ) found that there were 939 more infected, 3 deaths, more than 300 more healed, the morbidity rate spread across all age groups. and every district in Bangkok Immunization history of the deceased in Bangkok area Between April 1, 2021 and January 6, 2022, 6,905 cases were found that were unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, 4,266 cases, representing 61.8 percent, were vaccinated with complete doses of 940 cases, representing 13.6 percent, which is relatively low, and 1,699 cases were unspecified, or 24.8%.

recommend measures Strictly

Director of the NSDC said The risk point that causes a lot of infection is 1. Risk areas. /community means a closed place Most of them are restaurants and pubs. and a bar that asks for permission to be renovated into a regular restaurant making it possible to sit and eat until 23.00, although the sale of alcoholic beverages is limited until 21.00, but with the weather conditions closed The layout is not well ventilated, making it an increased risk area, including crowded dormitories such as student dormitories, police flats, etc. We would like to emphasize that people should avoid risk areas. If you live in the area Please protect yourself and follow the measures that The Ministry of Public Health strongly recommends

and 2. Touching confirmed patients recommend self-screening If you are sick, isolate yourself from those close to you and seek care as soon as possible.

Semi-pub shop made an epidemic – threatened to withdraw license

Dr Suthat said the most common findings of the investigation of the outbreak in Bangkok were: 1. a group of semi-closed restaurants adjusted from pub-type restaurants, with more than 5 cases in each group. Look at the congestion of SHA Plus or Covid Free Setting stores. If you find these shops, avoid measures. Can notify at the district office and the OCSC, which has been discussed that if an outbreak is found The service standard certification may be withdrawn.

Increasing the intensity of disease control in hospitals

2. Most of the health care workers get the infection from the community or close people. It is not an infection from the patient’s service. From the end of December 2021, 47 cases were found in 32 government hospitals and 15 private hospitals, all of which had injected the 3rd needle and some had injected the 4th needle. Even if vaccinated, you can still be infected. but preventing severe symptoms and death, of which all 47 had no severe symptoms Including the closure of the department of infected personnel, there is no concern. However, the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee to increase strict caution about preventing and controlling more diseases in hospitals especially the screening of patients who come to receive treatment and 3. those with a history of contact with confirmed patients

Summary of measures to prevent covid

Dr. Suthat said that the summary of public health measures and people’s advice are: 1. Avoid entering risky places, such as epidemic places, bad weather, crowded places, refrain from participating in activities for a long time. If you don’t wear a mask, such as a liquor band 2. Postpone travel if not necessary 3. If returning from other provinces, monitor yourself for at least 14 days and work at home 4. Check ATK If you suspect and when infection is found, call. 1330 The National Health Security Office (NHSO) hotline and business establishments Strictly follow the Covid Free Setting measures. If infected, Bubble & Seal is made in the factory.

Infection has no age limit.

Asked by reporters about the age of the children who are most infected with the infection and the symptoms they are experiencing, Dr. Suthat said that from the information, it was found that the infection in Bangkok no age limit Children are not particularly infectious. As for the symptoms of children, it is more common in the group with congenital disease. which is in accordance with the policy of The Ministry of Public Health has to speed up vaccination for children with congenital diseases first. Vaccination news for children 5-12 years old understand that today there is a meeting on the Sino Farm vaccine for children. which will have periodic progress While the Pfizer vaccine for children expected to come in soon

Invite Booth 3 / Open for service at 101 points

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), gave a statement at the Bangkok City Hall explaining the guidelines for vaccinating against COVID-19. in Bangkok area After the epidemic of Covid-19, a new wave that now focuses on vaccination with booster doses or booster doses, with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration going to vaccinate AstraZeneca and Pfizer with a point Vaccination services 101 locations, including hospitals affiliated with Bangkok and 31 hospitals in the network, 69 Bangkok Health Service Centers, people can contact the hospital directly. Or contact via the application Queue Queue (QUEQ) as well from now on.

People can choose the vaccine regimen.

As for the vaccine at this time, it can be selected. by people who inject Astra-Astra formula will receive a boost pin as Pfizer If the formula has been injected with Sinovac-Sinovac 2 doses, you can choose whether to receive it as Astra or Pfizer.

In addition, the BMA plans to add more large vaccination points. If in the event that 101 spots are full, we will inject them in cooperative shopping malls. Now the Department of Health Bangkok is in the process of working in detail.

hospital-department store cooperate well

On the side of Dr. Panrudee Manomaiphiboon Director of the Bangkok Health Office added that The injection point at the Thai-Japanese Youth Center (Din Daeng) will be a collection point for those who have not received the 1st and 2nd needle vaccines. People can travel to receive the vaccine at this vaccination point. Hospitals in all departments to speed up vaccination for people, and now department stores are cooperating in vaccination, namely Central East Ville, which is expected to open soon and has at Nawamin Hospital. Thanya Park Hospital, Kluaynamthai Hospital Central and various locations will speed up the 3rd dose of vaccination as much as possible

Pfizer young children enter Thailand at the end of January

“As for the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11, the latest Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has informed that it will arrive around the end of January. It will be a Pfizer formula for children only. Many people understand why the existing Pfizer vaccine is not given to children. It must be clarified that each recipe is different. which will be imported at the end of this month And we will inject at school as usual. because he had experience in injecting high school children Therefore, elementary school students will not have a problem. and has been preparing to survey the needs of parents and will be able to proceed as we have planned,” said Dr. Panrudee.

Ministry of Public Health to discuss vaccine allocation

The reporter asked Children’s vaccines are now beginning to be explored in the section. How much will the BMA be allocated? And saw that there will be a Sinovac vaccine as well. Dr. Panruedi said that there is no information at this time. because they are exploring the wishes of their parents As for the allocation of vaccines, the Ministry of Public Health will have a meeting in 1-2 days. As for the dead vaccine, as far as we know, lethal vaccines will be introduced as an alternative to children as well. which has not yet been concluded The inactivated vaccine is required because some parents do not dare to give Pfizer injections. want a lethal vaccine

Asked if some schools used to inject sino-farms for children Is there a plan to give a booster dose of the 3rd needle? Dr. Panruedi said that at the moment the guidelines are being followed by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health has not announced anything yet. We will follow the standards according to the Ministry of Health.

ensuring there are enough vaccines

When asked for cases that have previously occurred, such as insufficient vaccines This time, how can I be sure that this kind of problem will not happen again? Pol Col. Pongsakorn said that for the vaccine situation at that time Must admit that it is true that happened. And at that time we hadn’t been vaccinated. But now we have enough vaccines to take action. Therefore, in the part of the booster vaccine We think there shouldn’t be any problem.

Bamrasnaradura open for booking 3 needles

The Facebook page of Bamrasnaradura Institute, Department of Disease Control, has published information about the 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine with details as follows. Conditions for those who have the right to register For those who have received 2 complete vaccinations at the Bamrasnaradura Institute only, i.e. those who have received 2 complete vaccinations From October 1-31, 2021 by the first dose of Sinovac vaccine, the second dose of AstraZeneca. Get the 3rd vaccination AstraZeneca who vaccinated AstraZeneca is the first and second dose of Pfizer’s third dose of vaccine. Registration is available from January 13 to February 10, 2022 at http://bamras.ddc.moph.go. .th/landing/ or scan the QR CODE below for vaccination appointments From 14 July 2022 as successfully registered at Achara Auditorium


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