In the country – like the ‘Troy War’! Warning to prepare for aftershock – 10 tips to do immediately

Friday, January 21, 2022, 6:23 PM.

Like a ‘Troy War’! Warning to prepare for aftershock – 10 tips to do immediately

January 21, 2022 Dr. San Srianthamrong, Special Lecturer, Faculty of Environmental Development Administration Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), which monitors the situation of COVID-19 around the world continuously Posting a message via Facebook has the following content…

Covid-19: Red Alert Omicron Wave 2nd time, Bangkok has broken. Confirms the exponential situation in Bangkok. Prepare to receive the most massive impact from Aftershock.

Today, the cumulative number of Omicron infected people across the country from Super Position calculations has surpassed 100,000 people. Of these, about 6,000 are in Bangkok and the number is increasing rapidly. 821 1,172 Today, 1,637, we can’t just close one eye and keep saying “numbers are ok” anymore. People need to know “What does this number mean?”

Omicron attacked the city like a Trojan War, and now Omicron’s troops hidden in the Trojan Horse are carrying spears, swords, pills out of wooden horses, spreading all over the city and they should be able to seize the capital in the next few days.

I have to offer my condolences. because we will surely lose because of the great general Just seeing the enemy pretending to withdraw from the fields outside the city walls His heart was full, he hurriedly ordered to withdraw his troops, reduce his guards, and set up a comfortable liquor circle at this moment for the people in the city. Who is it?

Numbers and graphs:

Numbers for the past 3 days, especially yesterday and today, Bangkok. Super Position Wave graph #5 in Bangkok confirms Exponential with %Increase as high as 20% or Doubling Day as short as 4 days. Infections are doubling every 4 days.

Continuing %Increase graph Wave 3,4,5 of Bangkok upside down vertical after being supported for a while. We did well in the past, but not good enough and not long enough.

Total Case Wave #5 graph in Bangkok. The actual figure, the red line, is dropped from the yellow dashed line projection. The slope is very scary

Daily New Case graph Thailand is starting to be affected. loss of balance is turning to an uptrend From now on, the Bangkok Metropolitan Region numbers will determine the graph instead of the districts.

Chart %Increase Thailand from previous to downtrend Starting to lose his shape will run into a trap at 8% Trap, which is very high.

A short summary of the graph is the red code for every graph.

What to do immediately:

1. Protecting the public health system, protecting hospitals for Non Covid patients who are still overflowing with hospitals. It’s been a long time. It’s time for us to help each other heal the hospital for all types of patients. all diseases

2. WFH in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region for at least 1 month

3. Don’t go out to drink alcohol. Don’t form a circle in the office. including the Somtum band

4. Frequent ATK checks in schools, workplaces, and factories

5. Prepare Home Isolation, Community Isolation, Hospital, Sanam Hospital to return to full strength.

6. Wearing a mask is the most important thing. It helps the most at this time. 2 layers, the better.

7. Hurry up to vaccinate as many appointments as possible, everyone. to reduce the burden on the public health system Reduce serious illness, sickness, and death so that you can stay at home safely enough.

8. This is not a rehearsal. but is real

9. Stop thinking that Omicron is “cute and cute”. is a live vaccine Easy to install, disappears quickly Only a few symptoms, no lung, etc. Today, Covid kills about 8,000 – 9,000 people around the world every day, and most of them are Omicron. A year, it’s probably almost 3 million people. It’s about 5-10 times more severe than the flu.

10. We must stop it immediately. because if you can’t The next BKK station is 5,000 during the next week. And it will go up to 10,000 before the end of the month and at worst it can go as far as 70,000 people a day per 10 million people like Israel.

When we talk about the Trojan War some 3,300 years ago, we think of negligence. belittling the enemy Because of this, the Troyes lost the city. But every war has an end. So does the Trojan War. The Troy lost their city and fled to build a new and bigger city. that is rome This time too, the Omicron war will have to end sooner or later. But it’s like the Trojan War. Not everyone gets to leave the city. And not everyone gets to live in Rome.

Good luck to you all Take care of your loved ones and family. Don’t be careless Then you will be able to pass it for sure.


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