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In the picture – Ayman Zidane with very touching words to his wounded friend

by archyde

Syrian actor Ayman Zeidan published a new photo with his wounded friend Ahmed Eid, who called him “The Dean of the Wounded”, through his personal account on the social networking site.

Zidane left a comment from him on the same publication, with very touching words he wrote one day to his friend, “What I wrote one day about my friend, the Dean of the wounded… Ahmed Eid.”
Zidan said: “When I arrived at his warm home, I saw an amazing family inhabited by all the kindness of the world. A mother resembled the icons of temples, and a father brimming with the nobility of the world. Two charming brothers with all shipments of hope and loyalty.. A sister with an angelic face and a pure soul.. In the far corner of the inner space of the house. Ahmed was sitting in his wheelchair with a face brimming with hope.. He was like an integrated palette of masculinity that defeated the cruelty of war and life.. With silent arms he embraced us and with a heart full of hope he opened the doors of his house to us for joy and joy.
And the Syrian actor continued in his words, saying: “When I kissed his cheeks, all the questions escaped from my head..An orphan idea kept haunting my soul..How can the world not defeat you?..How can you realize that the meaning of masculinity is not limited to the body? And how can you be in your chair? Moving is a mountain of manliness and a tall tree that beats the fierce winds of war.”

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