In the video.. Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s exceptional night ignites the atmosphere of Riyadh, and these are its details

saw a night Abd Almejeed Abdallah The first was a euphoric atmosphere beyond description, from the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater in Boulevard City in Riyadh, as part of the Riyadh Season concerts, and it was one of the most wonderful nights; Where the artist entertained his audience in a different atmosphere with all its moments, and there was a huge crowd attending the artist sharing the atmosphere of his concert, as he started singing “Oh, after them all”, then he saluted his fans saying: “Welcome to you for the second time in Riyadh, so my launch of the concerts was from Riyadh, which was made The impossible is for me.” And then he flirted with the audience of Riyadh, saying: “God be upon you, O sweetest audience, and sweetest Riyadh.” He also flirted with Riyadh through his songs, and began singing “Oh, after them.” Then he presented his most beautiful old and modern songs, including: My world breathes you, listen to me, and welcome to my warmth My soul, the sympathy of the stranger, the mistake, the traitor, the liar, I woke up from my sleep, O Ibn al-Awadim, my soul loves you, imagine, before I know you, and other songs, in a melodious atmosphere with which the audience interacted with great enthusiasm, and they sang with him, and at every moment he spoke with the audience and asked them: “Are you happy?” The audience is yes, and he answers them and says: “I am also happy.” During the ceremony and on the stage, he received a call from the advisor, Turki Al-Sheikh, where he said: “Good evening and welcome to all of you. My heart, and I am often embarrassed at his parties, so if I work 2 0 concerts in the entire Riyadh season will be sold out.” For his part, Abdul Majeed thanked the consultant for his support and efforts.

After that, Abdul Majeed Abdullah continued his songs in an exceptional atmosphere.

The concert was organized by Benchmark, and sponsored by Entertainment, and Abdul Majeed Abdullah is the only artist in the Riyadh season that will be held for two consecutive nights. Due to the turnout for the ceremony.

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